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About Company

KALUGIN JSC, a Russian engineering company, was founded in 2000 in Ekaterinburg by Yakov Kalugin, a world-known inventor and Doctor of Engineering Sciences who developed an innovative design of the top combustion hot stove, i.e. Kalugin Shaftless Stove (KSS). 
Due to Dr. Kalugin’s invention, KALUGIN JSC  came into the market with a competitive product of internatioal standard and quickly gained the lead in development and implementation of Kalugin Shaftless Stoves and different Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS) in blast-furnace production. 
When developing design engineering documents for Kalugin Shaftless Stoves, the company’s engineers carry out a scientific and technical expertise of the design, fulfil computer modelling, perform all heat engineering and hydraulic calculations. At all stages of construction KALUGIN’s engineers render supervision services, control quality of erection and commissioning works, provide training for the customer’s operators how to operate new equipment, fulfil commissioning of hot stoves and waste heat recovery systems. Moreover, high reliability of the stove and WHRS design is provided, among other things, by supply of high-quality equipment and refractory.
By now more than 230 Kalugin Shaftless Stoves (KSS) desihed by KALUGIN Company have been constructed and commissioned at iron and steel works in Russia, China, India, Ukraine, Japan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil and Czech Republic and about 40 KSS are being designed and constructed.
It is important to note that over 30% of Russian iron and 9% of world iron are produced using Kalugin Shaftless Stoves.  
High demand for KALUGIN’s technologies from global giants of metallurgical production is determined by the fact that Kalugin Shaftless Stoves (KSS) have unique technical and environmental features as well as the world’s highest energy efficiency and reliability. 
For example, only Kalugin Shaftless Stoves can provide the hot blast temperature of 1350°C, which is 100-150°С higher than the blast temperature provided by other stove designs.  This high blast temperature enables to reduce coke consumption and increase performance of blast furnace operation.
The unique design of Kalugin Top Combustion (Shaftless) Stove (KSS) is patented in different countries.
Apart from the innovative hot stoves, the company produces high-efficient energy-saving equipment – all-purpose Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS) of different types, namely heat pipe heat exchangers, plate-type heat exchangers and tube recuperators. Using these energy-saving systems in metallurgical production, the Customer can significantly reduce consumption of fuel resources, decrease quantity of gaseous emissions into the atmosphere and improve environmental performance of industrial operations. 
All WHRS designs developed by the company’s engineers are of general purpose. They can be used efficiently in iron and steel industry, heat and power supply industry, machine-building industry, construction material industry, chemical and petrochemical industry – everywhere where low-grade waste gases with the temperature from 300°C to 1000°C are used.
At present the most popular WHRS design developed by KALUGIN’s engineers is a design based on application of heat pipe heat exchangers. 40 WHRS of this type have already been implemented at iron and steel works in China, Russia, India and Ukraine. 
8 WHRS using tube recuperators have been manufactured for customers in India and Ukraine.
5 WHRS using plate-type heat exchangers have been manufactured for Russian iron and steel works.
All the company’s projects for WHRS implementation have a very short pay-back period due to their high efficiency.
KALUGIN Company continuously improves stove and WHRS technologies, enhances technical, economic and environmental performance, provides warranty and service maintenance of its products. 
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