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About company

The Russian engineering company Kalugin JSC was founded in 2000 in Ekaterinburg (Russian Federation) by Dr. Iakov Kalugin, an internationally acclaimed metallurgical scientist who developed an innovative design of Top Combustion (Shaftless) Hot Stove. 
Due to Dr. Kalugin’s invention, over a short period of time the company could create a competitive innovative product and become the world’s leader in designing and implementation of Kalugin Shaftless Stove (KSS) and various Waste Heat Recovery Systems for iron and steel production. 
Over 15 years of operation at the market of metallurgical equipment Kalugin’s engineers have designed and constructed 160 shaftless stoves which are operated at iron and steel works in Russia, China, India, Ukraine, Japan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Indonesia and Turkey. At present the company implements projects for design engineering and construction of new hot stove units for Customers from Brazil, India, China and Russia. After completion of construction Kalugin JSC provides technical support, guarantee and service maintenance of the constructed stoves. 
It should be noted that the great demand for Kalugin’s products from the global giants of iron and steel production is determined in the first place by the fact that Kalugin Hot Stoves named after their designer ensure unique technical and environmental performance, high productivity and reliability. Moreover, at present only Kalugin Shaftless Stoves can provide the hot blast temperature of 1400°C. The manufacturing technology is patented in Russia, China, Ukraine and is being patented in some other countries of the world. 
The other innovative products proposed by Kalugin JSC at the market of metallurgical equipment are various waste heat recovery systems (WHRS). Using these systems, the Customer can significantly increase blast furnace productivity and reduce consumption of expensive coke for each cast of metal. All the WHRS projects implemented by the company have a short payback period. In addition to the direct economic effect, the use of the systems enables to significantly reduce emissions into the atmosphere and decrease the thermal load on the environment. 
At present the most requested WHRS design developed by Kalugin’s engineers is a design based on heat pipe heat exchangers. Forty eight systems of this type have been implemented at iron and steel works in China, Russia and India. It should be noted that the WHR systems designed by Kalugin JSC are efficiently used in metallurgical industry, thermal and electrical power industry, machine-building industry, construction material production, chemical and petrochemical industry, in all industries where there are lower-grade waste gases with the temperature up to 300°C. 
The company continuously improves its technologies, technical, economic and environmental performance of the systems. It provides guarantee and service maintenance of its products. 

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