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Address: Mira Str. 33, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Postal address: Mira Str. 33, Ekaterinburg, 620078 Russia
Telephone: +7 (343) 216-50-53, 216-50-54
Fax: +7 (343) 216-50-52

General Director Marina Kalugina
Telephone: +7 (343) 216-50-53
Secretary Tatyana Bekhtold
Telephone: +7 (343) 216-50-53
Fax: +7 (343) 216-50-52
Chief Engineer Boris Prokofyev
Telephone: +7 (343) 216-50-54
Technical Director Yuri Murzin
Telephone: +7 (343) 216-50-54


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KALUGIN JSC is one of the biggest companies in Russia and one of the leading companies in the world specialized in hot stoves for blast furnaces. 
We have developed fundamentally new hot stoves of shaftless (top combustion) design which are unique in the world. This design was highly appreciated by blast-furnace experts from different countries and at present our hot stoves are being designed, constructed and operated at the iron and steel works in Russia, China, Ukraine, India, Japan and others. 
We also work in other directions: blast furnaces proper and their equipment, recovery of waste gas heat from various plants, heat exchanging units and burner devices. 
We are waiting for your questions and proposals and hope for efficient and mutually beneficial cooperation

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