To high temperatures - with us!

KALUGIN Company has participated in the conference dedicated to development and implementation of new technologies in the field of ferrous metallurgy

A conference called “The Best Available Technologies in Ferrous Metallurgy. Production of Coke, Agglomerate, Iron and Metallized Products” was held in Moscow on 21st October, 2021.  

The project was organized by Russian Steel Association, International Union of Blast-Furnace Operators and Eurasian Metals Magazine with the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade for the purpose of informing all market players about new Russian technologies and practical achievements in the industry.
The participants discussed application of the best available technologies in blast-furnace production, agglomeration and byproduct cokemaking as well as their possible use in production of metallized products.
During Technical Session No.2 devoted to modernization of blast furnaces at steel plants Mr. Mikhail Kalugin, KALUGIN’s Deputy General Director, presented the company’s developments providing higher efficiency of blast-furnace production.
Mikhail Kalugin noted that KALUGIN Company had been designing and constructing Kalugin Top Combustion Stoves (Kalugin Shaftless Stoves, KSS) and implementing different waste heat recovery systems in iron and steel production already for more than 20 years. Use of these advanced technologies (energy-efficient hot stoves and newest waste heat recovery systems) enables to increase energy performance and ecological sustainability of modern iron and steel production in the best available way.
He drew conference participants’ attention to the fact that during one year implementation of only one waste heat recovery system in blast-furnace production would enable to reduce consumption of energy resources to 15,000 tons of coal equivalent, decrease significantly heat emissions into the atmosphere and, consequently, reduce emissions of CO2, NOx and other harmful contaminants.
According to Mikhail Kalugin, at present KALUGIN Company produces several types of heat exchangers: conventional tube recuperators, heat pipe heat exchangers and plate-type heat exchangers with finned plates. All the heat exchangers are capable of operating at the temperatures from 300 to 600°ะก. Moreover, due to a low aerodynamic resistance of gases going along the air and gas pipelines these WHRS have a high efficiency and anticorrosion resistance.
‘In the face of constant growth of prices for energy resources and increasing requirements to ecological standards, implementation of hot stoves and waste heat recovery systems developed by KALUGIN will allow blast-furnace operators to settle the most important problems of modern production: reduce consumption of expensive energy resources and significantly decrease emissions into the environment’, announced Mikhail Kalugin.